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US Patent 9,422,738 B2
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Advantages and special features  |  Development and patent application

Patent and Quality certification
  • The patent application was filed the end of 2011.

No recontamination of the filtered medium during the cleaning cycle  
  • The, in our system, utilized cleaning process makes it possible to use the unfiltered medium to clean the filter cartridge.

We can offer closed circuits
  • Since each system is designed according to the customer’s specifications, we can plan for a variety of media handling.

Automated process
  • The delivered control unit enables the process to run independently from maintenance- and working intervals.
  • If desired the control panel is programmed to send a text message to a designated phone number in case of an error message.

Environmentally friendly
  • WIth the use of the AFS filtration system, it is now, for the first time, possible to reuse many liquids, which had to be disposed of a hazardous waste.

High Quality stainless steels allows for the use even with aggressive media
  • We only use the best materials available to warrant a smooth filtration process and to provide a product with a large lifespan.
  • Bei Medien, die Edelstahl korrodieren, arbeiten wir mit Ihnen Hand in Hand um einen passenden Werkstoff für Ihren Bedarf zu ermitteln.
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