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US Patent 9,422,738 B2

Our trade show presence has appealed to visitors from a variety of industrial branches. The AFS filtration system is environmentally friendly and versatile, which is an important factor for our customers and our company.
Phosphoric Acid Filtration
  • Eco-Phos has integrated the AFS filtration system into their products utilized to treat steel with phosphoric acid. They have presented the integrated system at the Parts2Clean in Stuttgart in 2013 and 2014. 
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Cooling water pond filtration
  • A successful trial is currently under way in Berlin, Germany.
Filtration of a variety of media in Russia
  • We have completed a number of successful trials under various conditions in different areas. Some the filtered media include: Fertilizer filtration, MDEA filtration in the petrochemical industry, recycling water filtration, and process water filtration. 
Successful ideas always follow a simple concept.
Filtration of iron sulfate out of aqueous solution
  • In cooperation with Hydroisotop we were able to successfully remove iron sulfate out of an aqueous solution.